"I know freelance writing can work for me, but I just don't know where to start."

Sound familiar? 

There are millions of people dipping their toes into freelance writing for the web - and there are endless ways to build a successful freelance writing business.  

So, how do you figure out what will work for you?  

That's the topic of a brand new, limited-release online writing workshop that features the best practical and tactical advice from three successful full-time freelancers.

  • Live teaching. 
  • Interactive homework.
  • Individualized support. 

Invest ONE DAY and you'll be on your way to building your own successful freelance writing business. 

A 1-day writing workshop to help you level-up your freelance writing biz!


The Freelance Writing Intensive

A one-day online workshop on July 20th, 2016 that will walk you through exactly what you need to do to level up your freelance writing business.  

This event has already passed, but don't worry we're busy planning the next one!



July 20th

at 8am Pacific, 10am Central or 11am Eastern

Time left until workshop starts...


Presented by...

Gina Horkey

Gina Horkey

Andrea Emerson

Sarah Gressonbach

Sarah Greesonbach

Join us from your computer for this all-day event, where you'll learn...

  • Which type of writing gigs pay the most and where to find them
  • How to find your unique writing niche and what to do if you change your mind
  • How to command higher rates with confidence
  • How to find and close high-paying writing clients (even if you hate sales)

 Workshop Schedule:

8:00 am PST (10am CST, 11am EST): Gina Horkey

  • Find your specialty and pivot when you need to
  • Define the most profitable writing formats  
  • Understand B2B vs B2C writing 

[Homework and Live Q&A]

9:30 am PST (11:30am CST, 12:30pm EST): Sarah Greesonbach 

  • Set high rates without being nervous 
  • Get into your client's mindset to build relationship 
  • Identify minimum and maximum hourly rates 

[Homework, Live Q&A, Lunch Break]

11:15 am PST (1:15pm CST, 2:15pm EST): Andrea Emerson

  • Find high-paying clients who are "pre-sold"
  • Close clients without selling or cold-calling
  • Negotiate recurring assignments and retainers 

[Homework and Final Q&A]

Here's what a few freelancers like you have to say...

"Halfway through Gina's course and I have two clients lined up! And one is a potentially awesome recurring gig, about $500 in income in my second week of 'official' freelancing. Not a bad start!" ~ A.T.

"Sarah's advice is so insightful! She demystifies freelancing, provides emotional support, and then offers great practical advice on both writing and dealing with clients. It's helpful without feeling overwhelming." ~ E.H. 


"Andrea's solving my problems left and right! She gave me all the information I've been searching for for months." ~ M.M.

The Freelance Writing Intensive - Gina Horkey Sarah Greesonbach Andrea Emerson

Don't miss this limited-release opportunity!

To maintain the most effective student to teacher ratio, we're limiting space to the first 30 participants to sign up. Claim your spot today to get clear direction, personal feedback, and interactive homework that will help you level up your freelance writing business!