Start a new career as a Pinterest  VA TODAY! Invest a few dollars, a few hours and break into one of the hottest niches in town!

Here's what you'll learn:

• How to use your existing Pinterest skill-set to help businesses significantly grow their brands.

• Pin requirements and best practices.

• What tools you should use (and who should pay for them).

• How much to charge and how to get paid (with real life examples from a Pinterest biz).

• The difference between inbound and outbound marketing.

• Where to look for clients.

• How to pitch prospects (with the exact templates that we use).

What our students are saying:

"I just started pitching Pinterest services last week and already have TWO potential clients interested in learning more about my packages!

Gina and Kristin’s course covered all of the main steps to getting a Pinterest business off the ground as quickly as possible, and in the right way!"


How one student changed her life by becoming a Pinterest VA:

"Pinterest Presence was a game changer for my business! When I started using Pinterest for my business I had 0 page views and 10 followers.

Three months in I have over 76,000 page views per month and 230 followers!
As a VA, offering Pinterest services has greatly increased my client base and monthly revenue. I highly recommend Pinterest Presence!"



Who's teaching this course?

Glad you asked - Hi, we're Gina and Kristin! 

Gina Horkey is the creator of 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success and 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success, best-selling online courses that have sold over 1,537 copies and counting.

She built a successful freelance writing and virtual assistant business from scratch in less than six months (while working full-time and being a mama to two toddlers).

Gina was able to earn more than $4,000 in a single month – just as a side hustle. And she's been able to more than quintuple that since going full-time.

Kristin Larsen is the creator of Pinterest Presence, an online course designed to help businesses and bloggers drive traffic back to their profitable websites from one of the hottest social media platforms around.

As a new freelancer, Kristin launched a successful Pinterest management company and within her first six months, was averaging $3,600 a month - only working part-time! 


I'm almost too embarrassed to ask, but WHAT exactly is a VA?

Don't be embarrassed! VA stands for virtual assistant and basically means that you're helping someone out from afar. I.e. you have a service to offer, they are in need of your service and you make a deal to trade time (or task) for pay.

here are TONS of services that can fall under the VA or virtual assistant umbrella - social media is just one of them! Others include email management, blog management, graphic creation, accounting... the list goes on!

What if I'm really new to VA work?

If you are organized, possess time management skills and communicate well with others, you already have some great VA skills!

If you're not ready to jump into Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!, you might consider learning how to put these skills together with Gina's FREE VA course. This five lesson email course will help teach you the basics to get started.

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But I don't have any experience with Pinterest. Will this course teach me the ins and outs of Pinterest?

To get the most bang for your buck with this course, you should already know how to use Pinterest. This course will teach you how to apply your Pinterest skills and launch your own Pinterest VA biz. 

Using Pinterest yourself, for example will help you manage your client's accounts with much more confidence!

Still need to learn some of the basics with Pinterest? Don't stress it - we can help you with that!

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So, what are you waiting for?

Pinterest is currently one of the HOTTEST social media platforms! Bloggers and business owners alike are looking for help growing their Pinterest presence - and they need a VA LIKE YOU to help them succeed. 

Why not you, why not now? Sign up now to get on the waitlist!